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Chords, Rhythms, Exercises & Songs

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Jonny's Beginner Course


Lesson 1:

Learn the parts of the guitar along with basic skills such as sitting & holding your guitar correctly 

Lesson 2:

Learn how to tune your guitar easily and identify your guitar strings

Lesson 3:

Introduction of playing 'open strings' & learning the notes of the guitar strings

Lesson 4:

Introducing basic guitar chords & learn how to read guitar TAB

Lesson 5:

Learn how to play easy Minor guitar chords with simple strumming

Lesson 6:

Develop your guitar skills with more complex strumming


Lesson 7:

Learn how to play easy Major guitar chords

Lesson 8:

Learn how to change guitar chords quickly with easy transitioning

Lesson 9:

Learn a more complex Major guitar chord

Lesson 10:

Build on your guitar knowledge with 2 more Major guitar chords 

Lesson 11:

Learn the final Major guitar chord of the course and play easy guitar songs

Lesson 12:

Develop your skills and learn 2 easy guitar scales

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