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Whilst every effort is made to fund FREE video tutorials via YouTube for everyone to benefit from, Sometimes overhead costs prevent us from being able to compete with larger companies. If you can spare anything at all to help us develop then we will be for ever grateful no matter how large or small your donation is. It's help from the users of this website that will help keep it going and progress it so there is something to benefit everyone that uses it. Thank you!


Jonny's Comprehensive Beginner Course Includes Chords, Rhythms, Exercises & Songs.

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Beginner Course


Jonny's Electric Course Is An Advanced Course Focusing On Rock, Blues & Lead Guitar Playing Including Solo’s.

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Electric Course


Get The Discounted Starter Bundle & Benefit From Both The Beginner Course & The Improver Course.

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Starter Course Bundle


Jonny's Improver Course Bridges The Gap Between Beginner & Intermediate Levels With Picking, Strumming & More.

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Improver Course


Jonny's Kids Starter Course Is Perfect To Get You Started On The Guitar. Learn Simple Techniques & Well Known Songs.

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Kids Starter Course


Not Sure Which To choose? This Bundle Contains Both The Acoustic & Electric Courses At A Discounted Price!

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Intermediate Course Bundle



This Acoustic Course Is A More Advanced Level Of Guitar Playing With Technical Elements like Hammers & Slides.

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Acoustic Course


Progress With More Complex Techniques As An Apprentice Guitarist With New Chords, Scales & Songs

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Kids Improver Course


Benefit From Buying Both Kids Courses At A Discounted Price. This Bundle Has Everything You Need To Get Started!

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Kids Course Bundle


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