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It is now possible to submit a pre-recorded music exam with the university of West London. This is still a certified exam and warrants a genuine qualification as it would in person. 

Please take a moment to read through the checklist below to make sure your recording meets all the requirements!

Exam Checklist:

  • Ensure you have your video file available on the device you are entering the exam on. If you are entering the exam on a computer/device that doesn't have the video on you will need to make sure you can have it available before starting the entry process.

  • Music which is published with an accompaniment must be performed with that accompaniment. The accompaniment can be performed live on a piano/ keyboard, or pre-recorded, or a backing track may be used.

  • Candidates must supply details of the pieces they are performing (titles and composers) verbally before each piece. Candidates are not required to submit scores of any pieces performed.

  • Each exam recording must be recorded in a single, uninterrupted take with the title of each piece being stated orally before playing. Please do not submit each scale/piece as a separate video file.

  • Performances must be recorded using a static camera/device, which should be positioned in such a way as to show the performer, and their instrument, clearly and in full.

  • Always make a short test recording first to ensure the audio signal is clear and not distorting or clipping and the video image is clear.

  • The recording device's microphone must be of sufficient quality to allow assessment of all aspects of the performance, including tone quality and dynamic range.

  • The microphone should be positioned in such a way as to ensure good sound balance between candidate and accompanist or backing track (if applicable).

  • Typically a smartphone or tablet will be of perfectly sufficient quality here in terms of audio and video recording quality. We would recommend that you set your video camera resolution to 720p as this will ensure sufficient quality. A lower resolution than this (for instance 480p) might not have sufficient clarity, whilst a higher resolution (1080p or 4K) would result in an unnecessarily large file size.

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