ELIXIR Acoustic guitar strings utilise the nanoweb coating technology that prevents contamination and corrosion that naturally occurs during the playing of an acoustic guitar.


ELIXIR believes that the crucial area requiring protection is the Critical Zone of Tone namely the minute space in between the string windings. This they claim is where debris such as dead skin flakes and other particles congregate and over time it is these contaminations that lead to the string becoming dull and unresponsive.


In order to protect the Zone of Tone ELIXIR has developed a technology that they have called Nanoweb which consists of a micro thin coating of polymer tubing that surrounds the string. It is thin enough so that to the player it is invisible to the eye and also to the touch when playing the instrument, yet it gives enough protection so that debris cannot get trapped in between the string windings.


Nanoweb will also protect against string corrosion which normally occurs from moisture (perspiration) and from natural oils secreted from the skin when playing the guitar. As these are the two main causes of string performance deterioration, by addressing both issues ELIXIR are effectively prolonging the life of the strings and claim that their strings should last between 3 to 5 times longer than rival manufacturers.

Elixir Bronze Nanoweb - Custom Light / 11-52 Acoustic Strings


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